Ever fancied having your very own arcade machine? How about building one for yourself? Designed for beginners in mind, RetroCade Kit is an easy to build kit. What you need is just a screwdriver, no soldering involved! Join us in a workshop, guided by an experienced maker, to build your very own RetroCade 1 Player Machine. The session will guide you through assembling the cabinet, wiring the buttons and joysticks, setting up all the wires and speakers. We will also run you through installing the retro-gaming OS - Retropie, including how to operate the OS, install games and set up different themes.


What you will receive for the workshop.

1 x RetroCade Kit
1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with power supply
1 x 16GB Micro SD Card
1 x 10.1" LCD Monitor, LCD controller board and power supply
1 x HDMI to VGA cable
1 x stereo speakers (USB powered)
1 x Set of 6 button Arcade Joystick
1 set of screws
1 x power extension kit

What you will be bringing home.

1 x Ready to play RetroCade 1 Player Machine
Endless hours of games and fun

What is it?

RetroCade is a handmade arcade machine. The assembled kit is light enough for moving around. The rear panel has a hollow for easy one-handed carrying. There are 2 USB ports for connecting extra controllers. Running on emulators, it is able to play games from Atari, NES, Sega, SNES, Neo Geo, arcade, etc. Some popular games playable are Street Fighter, King of Fighter, Metal Slug, Mario, Sonic and many more.

Workshop fee: S$400 (includes all materials)

All tools will be provided for the workshop.

Approximate duration: 3.5 hours.

Dimension of finished product: 32cm(w) x 31cm(d) x 42cm(h)

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