Handmade with Love

Each piece of wood is precision cut by machines and then meticulously put together by hand with love. Extra care is taken to make sure your RetroCade is sturdy and runs without a hitch.


Raspberry Pi x Retropie

Each RetroCade is powered by Raspberry Pi Model 3b+. Running on Retropie OS means many emulators are pre-installed. Just load your favourite roms and game away. You also have the flexibility to hook up your laptop for your PC games.


Arcade Nostalgia

The 2P RetroCade comes with a 2-player set up, perfect for gaming with your buddies. With a 6-button configuration, you are ready for most games. We also offer customisation options for 8-configuration and bigger screens.


Contact Us

You can send your enquiries to enquiry@retrocade.biz